The Chocolate Shop


The rocky relationship between an over-bearing mother and her prodigal daughter becomes even more tumultuous when the mother, distraught over witnessing her husband's long, painful death, decides to satisfy her terminally ill aunt's last wish.

"The Chocolate Shop is a sterling effort that turns the minutia of every day life into fodder for exceptional storytelling.  J. J. Spring's story serves up a wondrous mother-daughter tale, rife with the kind of familial conflicts that hit all too close to home, dramatized on a sprawling, angst-riddled emotional landscape.  Culled from the school of Alice Hoffman and Judith Guest, The Chocolate Shop makes the mundane feel exceptional and turns every day life into a stage where the performers are constantly tripping over their own lines.  Heartfelt as well as hard-hitting, this tale pulls no punches in stitching a tapestry as passionate as it is painful." 


Jon Land, USA Today bestselling author of the Caitlin Strong series.

Nothing's stronger than the bond between a mother and a daughter stretched to the breaking point.

Hypnotically compelling, evocative, and thought-provoking . . .   Highly recommend.

Midwest Book Review


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